Liteboxer raises $20 Million in Series A funding led by Nimble Ventures

The funding will propel Liteboxer’s vision to create the world’s most engaging and immersive at-home workouts by combining the best of fitness and gaming.

Liteboxer, the at-home fitness company that combines patented hardware, game dynamics, hit music, and expert training to create the world’s most immersive workouts, today announced $20 million in Series A funding led by Nimble Ventures, with participation from B. Riley Venture Capital and returning investments from Raptor Group and Will Ventures. Timbaland, the acclaimed producer and Grammy Award-winning Hip Hop artist, also participated in the round. Launched in 2020, the company has raised a total of $28.5 million to date.

Created by Spark Capital Co-Founder Todd Dagres and MIT-trained engineer Jeff Morin, Liteboxer’s at-home boxing platform provides high-intensity training sessions that create a mind-body connection so that time melts away—all while building cardio, strength, and mental acuity. Liteboxer crafts beat-driven punch tracks that sync up with hit songs, enabling users to physically feel the music as they match their punches to the rhythm. By combining these music-fueled workouts with cutting-edge mechanics from the video game industry, Liteboxer inspires people to exercise longer, harder, and more often.

“For all of the innovation in at-home fitness over the years, working out still sucks for most people,” said Liteboxer CEO and Co-founder Jeff Morin. “We set out to create a workout experience that’s so immersive, people forget they’re even exercising. Since our launch last year, it’s become clear that this is exactly what Liteboxer does for anyone who tries it. We’re thrilled to partner with Nimble Ventures to continue building on that vision.”

“We set out to create a whole new category of at-home fitness, so that working out becomes as fun and engaging as playing a sport,” said Todd Dagres, Chairman and Co-founder of Liteboxer, and Founder of Spark Capital. “The reception we’ve received for Liteboxer has been incredible—customers say that it’s the healthiest addiction they’ve ever had.”

“We are excited to support the world-class team at Liteboxer,” said John Burbank, founder of Nimble Ventures. “The fitness industry needs innovation, and what the Liteboxer team has achieved over the last year is the start of something remarkable.”

Liteboxer workouts, led by world-renowned trainers including Anthony Crouchelli, are available on-demand through the Liteboxer App. Users can choose from dozens of different sparring exercises, along with functional strength training and recovery workouts, including yoga, to complement their training regime. Community members can also select Punch Tracks, where music automatically syncs with the workout to create a unique, uplifting fitness experience.

Liteboxer retails for $1,495, with a premium app subscription available for $29 per month that offers new programmatic training sessions, music, and competitions. With 0% financing, customers can buy a Liteboxer for just $42 per month. For more information on Liteboxer visit

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