From fintech and digital assets to healthcare, media, gaming, sports and technology, The Raptor Group invests in a wide range of companies all over the world – from early stage startups to later stage private and public equity

The Raptor Group strives to invest in both early stage and growth stage companies that are looking to create new scalable markets or disrupt existing business models and dramatically accelerate growth, drive up profitability and increase value

With decades of experience and expertise in the financial sector, The Raptor Group accelerates growth in portfolio company investments through its proprietary network. Areas of focus include but are not limited to fintech solutions, including digital banking, embedded finance, insurtech and payment solutions, as well as digital and alternative assets, insurance, and wealth management and commitments to emerging managers and quantitative asset managers

With a flexible, versatile and nimble approach, The Raptor Group is always available to take advantage of exciting new opportunities to invest in innovative consumer-facing startups and later stage companies

From the Boston Celtics in the NBA to AS Roma in Italy, Jim Pallotta has first-hand experience of owning and managing professional sports franchises. The Raptor Group is an active investor in many sports-related properties including companies innovating in data analytics, business intelligence, sports tech, esports and media rights

From OTT technology to entertainment venues, content production companies to global gaming platforms, The Raptor Group invests in a wide range of multi-media, entertainment and gaming companies

The Raptor Group invests in a wide range of companies operating in the healthcare and life science space. From startups to more established organizations, we are active investors in companies using innovation to improve quality of life all over the world

Informed by an incredible network of industry experts spanning the globe, The Raptor Group sees the Resources sector as an opportunity to invest in companies helping to power the world

If you’re an entrepreneur or innovator looking for seed funding, investment in your early stage startup or fully formed company, please get in touch