Hydrow Black Friday 2021 deal: Save £500 on the rowing machine Oprah is obsessed with

This state of the art machine is about to supercharge your at-home gym experience

Whether you’re an avid bargain-hunter all year round or you’re looking to get your Christmas lists ticked off, you’ll be glad to know that Black Friday is very much around the corner.

While the event needs little introduction, the shopping bonanza is the best time to bag a bargain on big-ticket items across tech, TVs, mattresses and home appliances.

But that’s not all – another area that tends to see products heavily discounted is sports. Fitness equipment for your at-home gym is notoriously expensive, so when we saw one of our favourite rowing machine brands slashing its prices we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves.

Hydrow has created for rowing what Peloton did for the spin-bike industry – it has an in-built screen for a library of content, including tutorials and more than 1,000 classes, as well as a sleek and slimline design. And has even been touted as a favourite by none other than Oprah.

Whether it’s been on your wish list for a while, or you enjoy taking inspiration from Queen O, then you’ll be glad to know it’s currently £500 off in the brand’s early Black Friday sale. So now’s the time to upgrade your gym and have an oar-some time.

This compact rowing machine is crafted from aluminium and steel – it’s sleek and slimline, and is sure to appeal to a modernist home. When our writer reviewed the connected ergo, they noted that “the machine relies on computer controlled electromagnetism to deliver the all important drag effect of the oars through water”. This means that “everything can be housed within the rower’s body – and this design focus is welcome news because ergos aren’t always the most beautiful objects to look at”.

In terms of ergonomics, “the rowing action is very smooth, and the webbed strap and foam handle contribute to the comfort factor, which means that you can just concentrate on what’s going on via the touchscreen and your own technique”.

It was also praised for giving a “new route to improve” cardio and fitness in one shot. They added that “the third-person view of the workouts that populate the online content really is a game-changer, as by mirroring movement and stroke rate you can work on technique and fitness at the same time”.

As for the quality of the streaming content, our writer noted that it “is excellent,” and “the realistic action of the rower itself combines to make this a premium fitness product that, for once, justifies a premium price”. And now with £500 off, it’s the perfect time to snap it up. But, you’d better be quick as the deal finishes on 29 November.

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