ZEBEDEE partners with Rewards Bunny to introduce Bitcoin-rewarded shopping

Shopping for the world’s biggest brands now rewards users with Bitcoin – instantly and anywhere in the world.

ZEBEDEE, the next-generation FinTech powering rewarded games and apps, today announced they’ve partnered with Rewards Bunny to give shoppers Bitcoin rewards with every purchase, bringing shopping into the quickly growing ZBD ecosystem of games, apps and communities.

Shoppers in 100+ countries can now get their hands on free Bitcoin just by using the Rewards Bunny app to shop at hundreds of top online stores. Once they’ve completed a purchase and received their rewards, users can withdraw Bitcoin to their ZBD app instantly and with zero fees. Then, they can use their Bitcoin in a large variety of ways, from supporting their favorite podcasters, to “zapping” a bit of cash to their friends using ZBD’s social features, buying gift cards or simply converting the Bitcoin into their local currency, if they’ve already earned more than they can spend.

Rewarded shopping is the latest addition to the ZBD ecosystem, which is best known for its variety of rewarded games, but is quickly expanding into a holistic network of games, apps and communities that reward users with Bitcoin and give them plenty of opportunities to use their rewards.

“We’re excited to partner with ZEBEDEE, not just for the power and ease of use of their payments platform, but for the impressive ecosystem they’re building around it,” says Stephanie Lim, Chief Marketing Officer at Rewards Bunny. “The more things our users can do with their rewards in a simple way, the better.”

“Online shopping and Bitcoin rewards just fit, because it doesn’t matter where you’re shopping from, you’ll receive your rewards instantly and you can instantly use that money as well in a very seamless way,” says Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at ZEBEDEE. “With this partnership, we’ve made a significant step towards making Bitcoin the most useful form of money online. You get it by shopping, playing games or listening to podcasts, then you can use it in really fun ways, like sending a bit of love to a friend that posted an awesome meme on ZBD or a musician that posted a new track.”

To join the world of Bitcoin-rewarded shopping, get Rewards Bunny. Then take your rewards over to the ZBD app instantly and explore all the ways you can earn, connect and spend.

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