Animoca Brands to debut NFT launchpad In Japan this summer

Animoca Brands Japan announces the launch of an NFT launchpad in Japan, providing a platform for Web3 projects to sell their digital assets and receive support for sales strategies and marketing.


  • Scheduled for a summer 2024 launch, the NFT launchpad marks a significant milestone in Web3 evolution.
  • Animoca Brands Japan invites all interested parties to participate, promoting inclusivity and collaboration within the Web3 ecosystem.
  • The launchpad will support various payment options and sales methods, operating on Ethereum and Polygon chains to ensure interoperability and accessibility.

Animoca Brands Japan, a branch of Animoca Brands Corporation Limited, has announced the establishment of an NFT launchpad in Japan, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3. Scheduled for a summer 2024 launch, this initiative underscores the company’s dedication to fostering innovation and growth in the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In a bid to promote inclusivity and collaboration, Animoca Brands Japan has issued an open invitation for all interested parties to apply for participation in the NFT launchpad. This inclusive approach mirrors the company’s commitment to cultivating a dynamic and diverse ecosystem conducive to innovation. Additionally, the decision to unveil the launchpad’s name in early May 2024 adds an element of anticipation and excitement, igniting speculation within the Web3 community.

Empowering Web3 Projects and Japanese IP

At the forefront of the global Web3 movement, Animoca Brands has established itself as a trailblazer in gamification and blockchain technology. With a diverse portfolio comprising over 400 investments in Web3, the company is dedicated to advancing digital property rights and decentralization, laying the foundation for the development of the open metaverse.

Through its strategic subsidiary, Animoca Brands Japan, the company is actively championing the global expansion of Japanese intellectual property (IP) and content holders within the Web3 domain. By leveraging its extensive network and resources, Animoca Brands Japan is empowering both Japanese and international projects to tap into Japan’s rich cultural heritage and global appeal, thereby unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Details of the NFT Launchpad and Application Process

The NFT launchpad, scheduled to debut in the summer of 2024, will offer participants a range of payment options, including credit card and crypto assets, ensuring accessibility and convenience. Furthermore, the launchpad will support various sales methods, including lottery and first-come, first-served, providing participants with flexibility and choice.

Operating on Ethereum and Polygon chains, the launchpad will adhere to the ERC-721 token standard, ensuring interoperability and compatibility with existing NFT ecosystems. This interoperability is crucial for fostering collaboration and driving innovation within the Web3 space, enabling seamless integration with other platforms and applications.

Web3 projects interested in participating as primary sellers on the launchpad are encouraged to submit their applications for consideration. By providing a transparent and streamlined application process, Animoca Brands Japan aims to attract a diverse range of projects and creators, fostering a dynamic and vibrant marketplace for NFTs.

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