ZEBEDEE and Bitrefill partner to create a circular economy within the global play-and-earn ecosystem

Gaming-focused FinTech integrates with global Bitcoin gift card vendor to enable gamers to buy gift cards with in-game earnings

ZEBEDEE, the leading FinTech and next-generation payment processor for the gaming industry, and Bitrefill, the largest global vendor for gift cards and mobile top-ups that can be bought with crypto, today announced a partnership to integrate the ZEBEDEE app with Bitrefill’s services and allow users to spend the Bitcoin they earn playing games on thousands of gift cards without ever having to leave the app, creating a complete circular economy within ZEBEDEE.

ZEBEDEE is a platform for game developers to add Bitcoin rewards into their games and for players to discover those games, play them and earn. The integration of Bitrefill provides ZEBEDEE users worldwide with the option to buy over 5000 different gift cards, creating a true circular economy inside ZEBEDEE.

Users can play games to earn Bitcoin, then spend that on gift cards for almost anything they’d want to buy, without ever leaving the ZEBEDEE app. And if a user hasn’t earned quite enough for a gift card just from playing games, they can simply top up their account using a credit card inside ZEBEDEE. When combined, this is a powerful proposition combining ecommerce, gaming and cryptocurrency.

“Earning in games is great, but so far, spending the Bitcoin they earn could be a challenge for less crypto-savvy users,” said Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at ZEBEDEE. “At the end of the day, it’s not about Bitcoin for us, it’s about creating a meaningful experience for our global user base. Bitrefill is a perfect fit, because it allows users to spend their Bitcoin in a very simple way that doesn’t require them to even think about it being crypto.”

“We see a lot of merit in ZEBEDEE’s vision of creating a circular economy that’s underpinned by Bitcoin, but the crypto and financial aspects take a back seat in favor of a very simple and understandable user experience,” said Michel Gustavsson, Co-Founder and CBDO of Bitrefill. “Bitcoin is a massively useful tool for the average person, but right now, many are still a bit scared of it. What better way to demonstrate that using Bitcoin doesn’t have to be technical or complicated than through earning it in a game and then using it to buy a gift card within seconds! That’s how we help people truly see the value of living on crypto.”

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