Sofar Sounds launches a video-creation tool called Layers

Sofar Sounds is best known for its concerts in intimate and/or unusual venues around the world. However, it has been expanding into other kinds of tools for artists, and the latest is called Layers.

Described as being ‘incubated’ by Sofar Sounds – “Layers operates autonomously, though we work closely together…” – it’s a “video creation suite that integrates into music recording software”.

The idea being that musicians can create short video as they’re creating music using their DAWs [digital audio workstations]. It’s also tied into a social network where artists can post their Layers videos, but also download and remix one another’s.

For now it’s an invitation-only beta with a waiting list, with plans to open up more widely later in 2023.

The news follows Sofar Sounds’ recent announcement that it has paid more than $30m to artists since concerts returned after the Covid-19 pandemic’s lockdowns.

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