Serving Success: Lucra partners with TennisONE to facilitate real-money gamification for all tennis fans

Lucra’s grand slam deal will allow the nearly one million TennisONE App users to compete with each other for real money.

TennisONE will integrate Lucra’s technology to propel its mobile platform to new heights, allowing fans to challenge each other to real-money contests on ATP, WTA, and Grand Slam tournaments!

Lucra is the leading technology provider of real-money gamification services. The collaboration between Lucra and TennisONE is poised to ignite, invigorate, and inspire the entire tennis community (90M fans, 24M players).

With this announcement, Lucra is officially launching its professional sports Software Development Kit (SDK) within the tennis space, to provide TennisONE a secure and trustworthy real-money gamification engine. This innovative SDK will revolutionize the tennis ecosystem by allowing fans to compete against each other for real money inside platforms familiar to them.

The Lucra SDK will be integrated into the TennisONE mobile app prior to the first Grand Slam of the New Year. The TennisONE App is known as the most comprehensive global hub for tennis fans. By leveraging Lucra’s technology, TennisONE will expand its functionality, allowing US-based users to participate in real-money contests related to their favorite tennis tournaments and players. Lucra will help TennisONE to foster social connectivity, strengthen customer loyalty, and unlock new revenue streams.

Dylan Robbins, CEO of Lucra, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration with TennisONE will serve tennis enthusiasts nationwide. Our SDK is set to transform the way fans experience the sport, providing an unparalleled opportunity for users to engage in friendly competition with one another.”

Kristin Geer, CEO of TennisONE, shared her enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “We’re thrilled to work with Lucra to bring this exciting new skill-based gaming platform to the fastest-growing tennis audience in the world. It will allow TennisONE App users to play against other fans for real cash as they follow tournament matches in real-time. No bookies needed!”

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