Sensative connects cities to commercial properties on Helium

Put your hands together for Sensative, the newest addition to the Ecosystem! Based out of Sweden, the company leverages the Internet of Things for cities and commercial property markets, empowering organizations with smart technology.

Sensative forecasts upwards of 10,000 of their sensors sending data over The People’s Network by late 2022, with go-to-market plans for a range of new LoRaWAN devices in North America and Europe.

Started in 2013 as the result of an innovation competition for creating smart windows with hidden sensors, Sensative has evolved into a leading hardware and software supplier for smart cities and smart buildings. The company was awarded the Frost & Sullivan Award in 2021 as the most innovative IoT company in Europe, and has big plans to both sell Helium-compatible sensors to enterprise partners and provide an IoT application platform directly to end-users.

Sensative will soon be using The People’s Network to help businesses radically improve services, simplify digitalization, boost efficiency and scalability, provide full data ownership, and scale business models.

What Solutions Do They Offer?

Sensative offers two products to their users: Their patented Strips LoRaWAN sensors and their game-changing Digitalization infrastructure Management Systems (DiMS), Yggio.

Strips sensors feature an ultra-slim discreet design, are easy-to-mount, and have low power consumption for extended battery life (up to 10 years).

Yggio acts as an open IoT platform for any smart domain. It provides a unified smart infrastructure for launching, leveraging, and scaling massive IoT solutions, making it service vendor and technology-neutral.

With Strips and Yggio, Sensative has been able to empower companies and entities to successfully implement initiatives for use cases such as smart cities and buildings, connected grids, efficient water and waste distribution, environmentally friendly agriculture, and more.

Sense You’ve Been Gone: Ensuring a Safe Return to the Office

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies transitioned to remote working environments in an effort to keep employees safe. As more companies slowly begin to bring their workers back to offices, recent initiatives require many of these companies to be able to record and maintain the cleanliness of working areas.

Normal desk occupancy sensors only report if a desk or work area is occupied or not occupied, without any data on whether or not it has been properly sanitized. However, the Sensative Strips Presence sensor has a unique switch that allows the device to report if a desk has been cleaned or not. Once the work area has been sanitized, the switch can be manually slid back to the starting position, and the sensor will report that the desk is now clean and ready for someone to use it.

In order to send this data via dependable, secure, and scalable private LoRaWAN connectivity, Sensative partnered with Actility and their ThingsPark Enterprise infrastructure in January 2022. As many Helium community members know, Actility was one of the first roaming partners announced on Helium, meaning Sensative and Actility are utilizing the Network’s massive global coverage to send this data and create safer, cleaner working spaces for employees as they return to the office.

Why Helium?

Sensative chose Helium in large part because of the business model that is paving the way for massive, full-scale IoT solutions, with more than 823K Hotspots in over 62K cities around the world.

More information about the upcoming launch of Sensative devices, and how they will be contributing to the larger Helium ecosystem, was released at the company’s yearly marketing event “Sense2” on May 19th (video from this event will be available on the company’s website soon).

To learn more about Sensative and their use cases and products, check out their website at and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and be sure to stay tuned for future updates!

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