Mysten Labs announces Suiplay0x1, a Web3 enabled gaming handheld

Mysten Labs, the company behind the development of Sui, a proof-of-stake blockchain project, has announced it is working on developing Suiplay0x1, a Web3-enabled gaming handheld.

The organization did not reveal hardware specs but did state that the device would be able to run several app stores at once thanks to Playtron’s Playtronos, a device-agnostic gaming operating system, and would feature direct Sui integration.

Mysten Labs to Pioneer the Web3 Gaming Handheld Market With Suiplay0x1

Mysten Labs is pioneering the Web3 gaming hardware market. During its Sui Basecamp, a gathering of the SUI community in Paris, the company announced that it is working on the development of Suiplay0x1, a Web3 handheld gaming console that will feature various app stores on the same device.

The device is built around Playtronos, a lightweight hardware-agnostic operating system specially built for gaming handhelds. Playtron, a company that came out of stealth with a $10 million seed investment in March, aims to have an integrated ecosystem that combines native games and games published in other app stores.

In addition, the console will feature direct Sui integration, allowing third parties to take advantage of this Web3 implementation that offers low gas fees and speedy transactions geared towards the gaming ecosystem.

Adeniyi Abiodun, a co-founder of Sui, stated that this device could allow developers to harness the benefits of the Sui chain and Web3 gaming combined. He stated: “We’ve already built a chain that scales and can handle gaming-level traffic… Sui can become part of that meta layer that allows game publishers to benefit their ecosystem with direct ownership of assets.”

Hardware details are yet to be announced, but the team has signed 70 games implementing Sui integration. A launch date is unavailable, but Abiodun stated that the console will be available in stores worldwide starting in 2025.

Mysten Labs joins Solana Mobile in the select group of crypto companies that have adventured into the hardware business. The Solana Labs subsidiary launched Saga, its first Web3-enabled phone in 20203, and announced its successor, Chapter 2, this year.

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