Scotch Porter products hit 600 Target store shelves nationwide

The expansion increases the availability of the brand’s products designed for men with textured hair.

Men’s grooming brand Scotch Porter is expanding its hair collection on the shelves of 600 Target locations nationwide.

Deepening the brand’s commitment to providing clean and affordable products formulated with high-performing ingredients for wavy, curly and coily hair, the retail expansion also signals the brand’s focus on the often underserved and overlooked men’s textured hair market.

“Expanding our partnership with Target to increase our customers’ accessibility to affordable hair care solutions to the common issues they face daily is truly exciting,” says Calvin Quallis, founder & CEO. “The consumer landscape is changing, yet the hair care options available to men with waves, curls and coils, are often limited to either the legacy brands with heavier, less friendly ingredient profiles or products with scents and messaging targeting women. As men become more style-conscious and discerning, it is important that their shopping experience also reflects that evolution.

“This is why this expansion is extremely necessary at this time. We are currently witnessing men’s grooming shift from a conventional focus on shaving to a much broader perspective of personal care. To support this shift, Scotch Porter is excited to offer greater accessibility to cleansing, conditioning, and styling hair care products tailored specifically for him, to achieve the look he strives for daily.”

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