Qredo and MetaMask institutional integration enters full production

The integrated wallet has been used by dozens of top funds to access DeFi apps and secure NFTs across all EVM-compatible chains

Qredo’s Metamask Institutional integration is leaving Beta and entering full production to offer organizations everywhere a tried-and-tested institutional-grade Web3 and DeFi wallet.

At the heart of the integration lies Qredo’s decentralized custody infrastructure, which is coupled with the gold standard DeFi wallet: MetaMask Institutional. Together, they form a streamlined way for organizations to swap, borrow, and earn yield on decentralized protocols  — secured by Qredo’s unique decentralized multi-party computation (dMPC).

Since launching the integration in October 2021, Qredo has deployed millions of dollars in digital assets — including NFTs — across multiple EVM-compatible chains, and honed the integration’s capabilities to offer three key benefits:

One wallet. All EVM chains.

Seamless EVM-compatibility unlocks a huge range of trading and yield farming opportunities, allowing funds to quickly bridge assets between networks and edit governance policies over assets on any EVM chain.

Decentralized custody

Assets are secured by decentralized MPC, and governed by custom rules-based transaction workflows.

Ease of use

Access to DeFi is streamlined through an intuitive interface that eliminates the bottlenecks of manual execution, and reduces errors via a newly developed human readable format for transaction signing.

To provide organizations with even safer and more sophisticated DeFi custody, Qredo will soon be releasing a flexible conditional policy engine, and market-leading in-specie insurance coverage.

“Qredo’s flexibility — primarily the ability to sign transactions for all ERC-20s and 721s across multiple EVM chains — coupled with their decentralized approach to key management, is the balance of usability and security that ConsenSys Mesh was looking for when reviewing custody providers.”
Thomas Rush, ConsenSys Mesh Partner

“Qredo opens up new investment frontiers for Spartan, from trading and yield-earning to NFTs. Through the workflow enabled by Qredo’s MPC-secured governance, we can be nimble enough to quickly access these opportunities across different EVM-compatible chains, without sacrificing security or compromising on governance.”
Kelvin Koh, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, the Spartan Group

“The incredible feedback from beta users shows that Qredo has raised the bar for all vendors, and brought custody into the age of DeFi. We now looking forward to bringing our fully tried-and-tested solution to the broader market, and helping usher in next era of institutional DeFi”
Anthony Foy, Qredo CEO

For 90 days only, Qredo is now offering zero fee use of the most comprehensive DeFi market access solution.

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