Plynk works with Paxos to introduce cryptocurrency trading and educational resources

The Plynk app for new investors will offer Plynk CryptoTM, the option to trade and custody crypto through regulated custodian and infrastructure leader Paxos

PlynkTM, an investment app for new investors, announced the launch of Plynk CryptoTM, allowing app users to trade and hold Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and  Bitcoin Cash (BCH) via Paxos Trust Company beginning today.

As an app for novice investors, Plynk listened to customers as they showed interest in learning about and trading cryptocurrency. Through this relationship with Paxos, the new offering provides easy-to-understand educational guidance for crypto investing.

“Crypto is consistently a point of interest among our customers, despite this period of heightened volatility,” said Alicia Sundberg, head of Plynk. “The reality is many beginner investors have already invested in digital assets, and we believe many more will do so in the future. This is an opportunity not  only to help our customers gain access to digital assets through a third-party referral arrangement with  Paxos, but also to provide them with easy-to-understand crypto education, which is what we believe  sets Plynk and Plynk Crypto apart from other investing and crypto trading apps, respectively.”

In addition to allowing customers to buy and hold digital assets, Plynk Crypto is dedicated to educating new investors and will actively work to remove barriers to getting started in crypto trading. In tandem with Plynk Crypto’s launch, Plynk rolled out educational articles on crypto basics, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin,  Bitcoin and Ethereum, to help customers become more informed on cryptocurrency. Plynk Crypto is dedicated to education and will continue to expand crypto educational materials.

Walter Hessert, head of Strategy for Paxos, commented, “Blockchain technology and digital assets will revolutionize finance as it offers the opportunity for all to join an open, global economy. By working with a regulated Trust company, Plynk is helping ensure the security of its customers’ digital assets, while  Paxos manages the underlying complexity. We’re excited to join Plynk in helping new investors learn  about and access crypto markets.” 

Plynk is specifically designed to help new investors gain education and confidence along the way. In the app, new investors can invest in a wide selection of stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds. Plynk assists new investors in this process by helping identify investments aligning with their interests by easily scrolling through brands they already love and trust. Also located within the app is an educational hub called Plynk Think, which teaches investing fundamentals and encourages a learn-by-doing approach through interactive lessons aiming to help users build sound financial habits.

The Plynk app is available to download now on iOS (through the App Store®) and download for  Android® (through the Google Play® Store). For more information about Plynk and Plynk Crypto, visit

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