Planet Mojo & Concept Art House announce partnership to spur Web3 gaming

  • NFT publisher Concept Art House will design 3D characters for an upcoming Planet Mojo game
  • The partnership builds upon decades of cumulative experience in video game design and development shared by the two teams.
  • The 3D characters created by Concept Art House will be used in Planet Mojo’s forthcoming auto chess game.
  • Planet Mojo’s NFT sale on Polkastarter will begin on June 1.

Mystic Moose, an independent game developer creating the web3 Metaverse Planet Mojo, has partnered with Concept Art House (CAH), a leading publisher for some of the world’s most recognizable NFTs and video game art.

Working alongside Planet Mojo’s art team, CAH is creating 3D character models of Planet Mojo’s Champions — warriors that will appear in the upcoming auto chess game, Mojo Melee. Most of Planet Mojo’s inhabitants are fantastical anthropomorphic plant-like creatures that make up the planet’s various clans.

Planet Mojo is in the midst of its first NFT pre-mint contest where fans have a chance to mint one-of-a-kind 3D Mojos, magical plant-based creatures that must soon fend off a deadly threat to save their planet. Owners who mint and hold their Mojos will be airdropped four Champions needed to play Planet Mojo’s forthcoming games and be able to unlock many other perks.

“Mystic Moose is thrilled to bring the art talent and blockchain expertise of Concept Art House to Planet Mojo. We first met at LucasArts back in the day and have many mutual connections and friends. This feels like a natural fit! I’m excited that our teams will be working together to create important characters for Planet Mojo,” said Mike Levine, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Mystic Moose.

“Mike and the Mystic Moose team are an up-and-coming force in the web3 gaming community, and we are proud to play a role in this exciting project and drive the ecosystem forward,” said James Zhang, CEO of Concept Art House.

Planet Mojo’s NFT sale through Polkastarter will begin on June 1, 2022. In addition, Planet Mojo’s own pre-mint sale will end on June 2, with winners announced the following day. Minting will start on June 6.

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