New Bitcoin mining facility comes to West Texas

US Bitcoin Corp has officially completed it’s first Bitcoin mining facility near Pecos. The 42 megawatt facility was constructed in record time, moving from undeveloped land to fully operational within just 43 days.

US Bitcoin Corp is a company on a mission to become the most socially responsible, efficient, and technologically advanced cryptocurrency mining operation in North America. In simpler terms, they power the accounting behind the Bitcoin network. Every day when Bitcoin is transacted around the internet, US Bitcoin Corp is keeping track of who has how many Bitcoin and making sure the network is secure.

Working with the energy industry, US Bitcoin Corp is committed to reducing the carbon footprint by investing in long-term sustainable operations.

“Bitcoin Corp picked West Texas and specifically Pecos because of it’s unique position among so many forms of energy. We’re surrounded by wind energy, solar energy, and great transmission lines that allow us to harness this renewable power to power our operations,” said Matt Prusak, Chief Business Development Officer.

In doing so, they’re able to feed off the state’s energy grid to power their facility and do it by using zero-emission resources.

“Our Bitcoin mine acts as a form of controllable load. What this means is we can dial up or dial down to help stabilize the grid. If energy prices start to spike, we can dial back. If energy prices start to plummet, we can help stabilize it so that energy producers are still able to maintain their revenue.”

US Bitcoin Corp plans to reinvest into the Reeves County economy, providing employment opportunities to Texas communities. This facility acts as the first of many Bitcoin mining locations that US Bitcoin Corp has planned for Texas, ushering in state-of-the-art mining data centers powered by renewable energy.

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