Nectar Hard Seltzer launches new LTO flavors and digital rewards platform, Nectarverse

Nectar Hard Seltzer, the Asian-American hard seltzer brand known for its passionate community and viral marketing strategy, announced the launch of the limited-edition Spirit Pack made in collaboration with the Azuki digital anime collection.

The Spirit Pack includes two new flavors and is available for purchase on the Nectarverse, a new digital platform that gives fans a voice in the future of the brand while earning real-life rewards.

The Nectar Hard Seltzer Spirit Pack (two 12-packs for $58) features two new flavors voted on by the Nectar community: Li Hing Elixir and Mystical Mango. Li Hing Elixir offers the salty-sweet Hawaiian Li Hing Mui flavor, paired with pineapple, while Mystical Mango combines the refreshing flavors of melon and mango for a nostalgic, tropical taste. The Spirit Pack will include four of each of the new flavors, along with one each of the original Nectar Hard Seltzer flavors (Asian Pear, Yuzu, Lychee and Mandarin). The limited-edition pack will be available for purchase exclusively on the Nectarverse or in-person in Hawai’i.

In the Nectarverse, fans will be able to vote on company initiatives including upcoming flavors in development or what cities the brand should distribute to next, and claim rewards for real-world actions such as posting an online review. Subscribers will also gain exclusive online access to purchasing limited-edition products such as the Nectar Hard Seltzer Spirit Pack.

Nectar quickly gained traction in 2020 thanks to its unique marketing tactic of tapping into the power of social media virality. Their engaged online community translated into real-world customers that sold-out dozens of retail pop-ups as they expanded across the country. Nectar’s recent expansion into Texas saw 2,500 people queue up for three pop-ups in Houston, Dallas and Austin ahead of the official retail launch. The brand is now in over 3,000 retail stores, including Target, Whole Foods, Total Wine, HEB, BevMo, Safeway, QFC (Kroger), Wal-Mart, 7-11 and H-Mart. In less than three years on the market, Nectar has sold 5M cans and has racked up over 500M views across their social channels.

“Since the beginning of this company, Nectar has been built by the community. They are the ones that pick the new flavors, line up at the stores, and share our content to their friends,” said co-founder Jeremy Kim. “The Nectarverse is a platform to centralize all the different parts of our brand and allow our community to help us make key decisions. Additionally, for every action they complete, they will receive special rewards like free, limited-edition collectibles, access to our live experiences, and much more.”

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