Moneybox – enabled by Drivewealth – expands investment offering launching range of US stocks

Moneybox, the app-based digital wealth manager, has further enhanced its investing proposition by launching individual stocks alongside its current range of diversified tracker funds and ETFs.

Enabled by Drivewealth, initially, 20 US stocks will be available to customers through the Moneybox Stocks & Shares ISA. Along with the range of tracker funds and ETFs,  Moneybox customers can customize their investment allocations in line with their values and objectives.

Moneybox helps people build wealth with confidence, whatever their starting point and provides a range of products and services across saving, investing, home-buying, and retirement, all within one easy-to-use app, supported by award-winning technology and customer support.

Caroline Murphree, Moneybox MD, Investing, Saving, and Retirement, said; “We built Moneybox into what it is today by listening to feedback from our customers. The ability to buy individual stocks has been one of our most-requested features for some time. Stocks & Shares ISA customers can now choose to buy shares in the way that best suits them, either regularly with weekly purchases, to help smooth out the effects of market volatility, or through one-off buys. They also have the option to build up their holding of a particular stock over time with fractional shares.”

The initial range of US stocks launched includes 20 of the biggest and best-known US companies including Amazon, Apple, Tesla, and Microsoft as well as brands such as Coca-Cola, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Nike, McDonald’s, and more.

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