Liteboxer and Universal Music Group announce exclusive partnership to offer a fully immersive, connected fitness experience

The beat-based boxing platform will feature UMG’s artist roster

Liteboxer and Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, today announced an exclusive partnership that lets users feel the music, not just listen to it, while working out with a first-of-its kind home-fitness boxing fitness equipment. Liteboxer’s patented Rhythm TechnologyTM combines music, punches, LED lights and force sensors into a full sensory immersive fitness experience.

Liteboxer is a new workout experience that merges boxing and gaming through beat-based music programming, bringing together an addictive combination of collective fitness and rhythm gaming. Additionally, with Punch Tracks, Liteboxer is the only fitness platform where users can punch to the beats of the music of their choice, becoming a self-curated, personal workout program.

Music is the heartbeat of the Liteboxer experience, helping to build strength, cardio and mental acuity. UMG will serve as the exclusive music partner enabling an experience that incorporates today’s biggest hits and the most iconic songs of all time from the company’s roster of award-winning artists.

The Liteboxer team takes a song and creates a Punch Track that uses the music along with Liteboxer’s 250+ LED lights, six targets and associated force sensors to create a beat-based, heart-pumping, and thrilling workout that celebrates the artist, the work and will keep audiences coming back for more. Liteboxer and UMG work together to collaboratively identify the best and latest music to build the Punch Track Library, which is constantly updated and changing.

“We all know working out is good for us, but the drudgery of getting on an exercise bike or heading out the door for a run keeps many of us from building healthy habits,” said Scarlet Batchelor, Chief Marketing Officer of Liteboxer. “Our partnership with UMG will offer a generation raised on gaming a fitness option that they actually want to do.”

“Universal Music Group is excited to be at the forefront of music innovation as one of the first companies to license music to fitness-technology companies,” said Jonathan Dworkin, Executive Vice President of Digital Business Development & Strategy at UMG. “Our partnership with Liteboxer demonstrates our commitment to bringing the motivational power of music to workouts, while also enabling new uses for music that benefit artists and fans.”

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