Football legend Patrice Evra and Chipper Cash release documentary ahead of the 2022 World Cup

Mini-movie details the central element of the Chipper Cash Africa to the World campaign: fundraising $50,000 to get official supporter groups of the Ghana, Cameroon, and Senegal national teams to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Chipper Cash, a cross-border payments app used by over five million people throughout Africa and its diaspora, has partnered with French-Senegalese football star Patrice Evra on its Africa to the World campaign to send fans from three official supporter groups to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Supporter groups from African countries bring a unique spirit to football matches and are integral to their teams’ successes. But for these groups, it can be challenging and expensive to travel with their teams. To make being in the World Cup stadiums obtainable, Chipper and Patrice have collaborated to raise funds to provide fans travel, accommodation and entry tickets to the matches of three qualifying African teams —- Cameroon, Ghana and Senegal —- playing in the tournament.

As the World Cup kick-off date draws closer, today Chipper Cash has released a mini documentary highlighting the incredible impact African supporter groups can have when their voices are heard from the terraces. To make the movie, Patrice traveled with Chipper to Accra, Ghana, to interview leaders of the supporter groups to learn their stories and motivation for leading the cheer for their teams as they travel around the world. Patrice also met Nana Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana, further cementing Chipper’s prominent place in Africa’s financial ecosystem.

Dion Jon Taylor Samson, Managing Director of Chipper in Ghana, was there on the ground during the trip: “Supporters are the true heroes of football. The uniting force of the sport is something we cherish at Chipper and through Africa to the World, we aim to enable fans to celebrate all they hold dear. Whether that is being inside the stadiums to cheer on our African teams during the biggest sporting event on the planet, or having easy access to trusted and reliable financial products to make the payments that matter, whenever they’re needed.”

Speaking to fans and supporters during the short film, Patrice said: “We are bonded by our love for Africa and our love of the game regardless of the country we support. You are the energy force the player needs to compete at the highest level. Together we can bring Africa to the World. We are united on the mission to Qatar: to take over the stadium, sing our song, beat our drum and dance to our beat to show the world what Africa is about.” He then directed Chipper customers to donate, adding: “I made a contribution with Chipper, I can’t wait to see who else wants to be involved. You can chip in on Chipper Cash… Let’s go!”

Learn more in the documentary released today: Africa To The World ft Patrice Evra | Chipper Cash

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