Bullish and Lukka release enhanced API to support mutual institutional customers

Bullish, one of the fastest-growing, regulated digital asset exchanges, today announced its enhanced integration with Lukka, the leading provider of enterprise-crypto asset software and data services, to provide Bullish customers with increased efficiency in managing their data through Lukka’s institutional API connectivity.

A seamless solution for the crypto asset community

The API connectivity streamlines the process of data ingestion, reconciliation, and reporting by automating the transfer of transaction data from Bullish to Lukka. This ensures that customers can leverage Lukka’s comprehensive suite of data management and reporting tools with greater ease and flexibility, including customers with mega data sets.

“At Lukka, we are dedicated to solving our customer’s most complex data challenges. This requires continuous collaboration with our partners like Bullish to ensure that what we build is kept current and is constantly improving. An API connector may seem like a commonly built component (and they are), but they can be built to very different standards. We’ve rebuilt all of our hundreds of connectors several times over the last five years, incorporating customer feedback to increase data transfer speed, increase the volume of data transferred, adding flexible scheduling down to the second, and adding redundant checks to maximize accuracy and completeness.” stated Robert Materazzi, CEO, Lukka.

Enhanced integration for optimal data management

While Bullish exchange customers have had access to Lukka’s Enterprise Data Management services prior to this engagement, the introduction of this high speed dedicated connectivity improves the overall experience for all stakeholders managing trade data, taking into account risk mitigation, compliance and financial reporting.  

“Our collaboration with Lukka is aimed at providing customers with the most advanced tools at their fingertips for managing their digital asset portfolios. Along with our reliable and transparent depth in the largest crypto trading pairs, this strengthened integration underscores our position as a trusted and compliant exchange for serious traders and institutions who want assurance of direct access and secure management of their data.” said Tom Farley, CEO of Bullish.

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