Blockchain gaming Ssudio Mugen Interactive partners with Mysten Labs and launched the first gamefi prediction protocol on Sui Network

Leveraging the Scalability of Sui to redefine the blockchain gaming industry

Mugen Interactive, an emerging blockchain gaming studio, launched their first game, Legend of Arcadia, on Sui, in partnership with Mysten Labs, a web3 infrastructure company and initial contributor to Sui, a Layer 1 blockchain.

Legend of Arcadia (LOA), a multi-chain free-to-play and play-to-earn casual strategy card game, is taking the Sui GameFi ecosystem by storm with over 6,000 members from over 40 guilds and 50 communities participating in the first three sessions of Alpha Test and Guild Tournament.

‘Mugen Interactive is on a mission to revolutionize the current blockchain gaming industry with GameFi 2.0 focusing on the content and social elements. We needed a partner that could keep up with our vision. Sui’s cutting-edge blockchain technology, scalable infrastructure, and gaming and NFT features checked all the boxes for us,’ said Andy Lee, Cofounder and CEO of Mugen Interactive and Executive Producer of LOA.

‘“As gaming veterans and web3 natives, the Mugen Interactive team are just what we look for in a partner,” said Anthony Palma, Gaming Partnerships and Investments at Mysten Labs. “Sui’s gaming community continues to grow, and as fans of LOA ourselves, we’re thrilled to bring LOA onboard.”

The success of LOA is due in large part to the strategic design in prioritizing user engagement and community-driven growth, network scalability and value creation offered by the protocol for gamers on Sui.

With LOA being their first game launch, the partnership with Mysten Labs is ushering in the next wave of GameFi 2.0 and the content-first, social-first Web3 gaming concept.

A new community-driven guild “Alter Ego Guild” was founded within the LOA community during alpha test.

‘While many established guilds are seeking to transform into game publishers, the team at LOA is supporting and empowering community-driven guilds in the Web3 gaming world to have a better gaming experience,’ said Sven and Dreeii, Founders of Alter Ego Guild.

The previous sessions of the Closed Alpha Test marked the first-ever deep integration of the gaming community and game guilds on Sui, showcasing LOA’s ability to foster collaboration and engagement among community members.

The final session of Alpha Test on Sui will be held from 17th July 2023 at 8am UTC to 26th July 2023 at 10am UTC with an expected 20% growth in user base.

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