Animoca Brands: Open Campus ushers in new era of learning by empowering lifelong learners with control over their educational identity and data

Over 100,000 Open Campus IDs have been claimed since launch in January, marking a significant step in adoption of its Web3 education protocol

Open Campus, the pioneering community-led Web3 education protocol dedicated to transforming the education sector, announced today a significant milestone: more than 100,000 learners worldwide have now claimed their Open Campus ID. Launched on 23 January 2024, Open Campus ID is a decentralized identifier that empowers learners by providing full control over their educational identities, reputations, and data. The Open Campus ID system facilitates the creation of unique online profiles, along with the issuance of on-chain educational badges and credentials, setting a new standard for digital learning and identity management.

Yat Siu, the co-founder of Animoca Brands and a member of the EDU Foundation Council, said: “The core mission of Open Campus is to empower the next generation of lifelong learners. With Open Campus ID, educational credentials will be verifiable and immutable on blockchain, affirming individual skills and experiences to employers and institutions. Learners will have full control over their academic achievements, driving forward a new era for decentralized education.”

Open Campus ID is secured by Terminal 3’s trusted data platform and cryptographic applications. During user onboarding, personally identifiable information is encrypted and decentrally stored across a network of independent nodes. Institutions then gain use-access to data with a learner’s permission, but only in a privacy-preserving environment where data is never exposed, copied, or transferred. This high level of security is achieved through structured encryption and zero-knowledge cryptography, allowing enterprises to verify personal information without ever seeing the underlying data.

“Personal user data, including one’s learning history, achievements, and credentials, should be self-sovereign,” said Gary Liu, Co-founder and CEO of Terminal 3. “Open Campus ID will allow educational credentials to be freely composable while remaining fully private, creating more trust and security in the talent market.”

Holding an Open Campus ID will grant learners with a unique .edu identifier, allowing individuals to store their user profile and educational data in a self-sovereign and decentralized vault. Users can control and manage their academic certifications, skills, and achievements, prove their identity in a privacy-preserving manner with verifiable credentials, and unlock access to all Open Campus educational content.

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