Advanced Health Intelligence Ltd partner Bearn LLC signs 3 new partners further boosting AHI shared revenue streams

AHI expands the previously announced revenue sharing platform with three new partners to launch the User Data Sharing Platform (UDSP) in Q1, 2024

  • Bearn signs three new UDSP partners.
  • AHI and Bearn share revenue 50/50 under the agreements.
  • AHI’s biometric scans are to be used in the Bearn App to generate health information.
  • Bearn will provide tailored health offerings to users.
  • Bearn plans to launch the integrated platform this month.
  • Bearn partners will pay USD$30 – USD$100 per platform user.
  • Bearn has now signed an aggregate of four platform partners.

Advanced Health Intelligence Ltd is pleased to inform shareholders that AHI’s partner, Bearn LLC (Bearn), has expanded the previously announced revenue sharing platform with three new partners to launch the User Data Sharing Platform (UDSP) in Q1, 2024.

Bearn has signed an additional three partners to the UDSP. Under the agreements, the partners have agreed to a combined 26,000 user data-sharing acquisitions monthly. Pricing has remained as per the previously announced per-user pricing of USD$30.00 – USD$100.00 per user.

As previously announced to the ASX and Nasdaq on December 27, 2023, Bearn is set to launch its user-empowered Information Sharing Engine in January 2024, having secured its first major client.

Bearn has already garnered significant market confidence, signing its first client who has committed to paying Bearn USD$30.00 per user for an initial 5,000 shared users monthly for 12 months. This client partnership underscores the value and potential of Bearn’s platform to reshape the health, wellness, and insurance landscape through smart, user-centric data utilisation. With this launch, Bearn reaffirms its dedication to advancing health technology and providing proactive tools for health management.

Advanced Health Intelligence’s (AHI) projected revenue share of USD $750,000 per month through Bearn’s platform is contingent upon attaining 25,000 active users from the available 30 million potential users across the four signed partnerships. The agreed revenue share is 50/50 under the executed MSA terms. The three new partners recently signed to the platform have undertaken to acquire users with a base rate of USD$30 per user. AHI will continue to refine our revenue projections and provide shareholders with regular updates as the platform progresses towards its launch, users are adopted and as more partners become integrated into our expanding ecosystem.

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