GroundGame.Health and SameSky Health join forces to close the loop on social and healthcare needs at greater scale

The company closed a $17 million funding round led by 7wireVentures to accelerate their proven ability to unleash the power of human connection in communities, amplifying social impact and outcomes

GroundGame.Health, a proven social impact solution that fulfills unmet social and care needs for people everywhere, has merged with SameSky Health, a cultural experience company that builds trust and deepens engagement with members. The combined company will accelerate a shared mission to improve health and advance health equity by closing the loop around health-related social needs and gaps in care at scale. GroundGame.Health closed a $17 million funding round led by 7wireVentures after the companies joined. Together, their coverage spans 50 states.

GroundGame.Health has pioneered an innovative model that builds trust between Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), and members to Connect the Unconnected.™ GroundGame.Health delivers last mile services that give people the help they need most, whether delivering meals to their homes, meeting other health-related social needs, providing other health resources, or addressing underlying challenges such as health literacy. SameSky Health pioneered a model for culturally-tailored outreach and engagement focused on personalizing the member experience to increase access to care. SameSky Health will increase GroundGame.Health’s ability to scale its reach, efficiency, and impact.

“Abner (CEO and founder of SameSky Health) has built a talented, impact-driven team at SameSky Health, and we are excited to leverage their expertise and technology to deepen our trust with members,” said Susan Rawlings Molina, CEO and Co-Founder of GroundGame.Health. “We don’t do this alone. By leaning into trusted connections with members, MCOs, and CBOs, GroundGame.Health has been fundamentally changing how people access and understand care—and we will now take that work to the next level.”

GroundGame.Health has fulfilled over 180,000 social impact needs to date, and has powered the flow of over $26 million from MCOs to CBOs to provide ongoing, sustainable funding for the local organizations best positioned to meet those needs. SameSky Health has engaged over 2.8 million members, and the combined company will continue to deliver outcomes around meeting members’ needs, closing gaps in care, and reducing the cost of care.

“We’re thrilled for the opportunity to join GroundGame.Health and drive even greater impact in this sector,” said Abner Mason, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer of GroundGame.Health and previously the CEO and Founder of SameSky Health. “Our shared vision of combining sensitive, purpose-built technology with trusted human relationships positions us to help even the most challenging-to-reach populations.”

“We are excited about the impact GroundGame.Health and SameSky Health will have as they deliver hyperlocal, individualized experiences to help people overcome the barriers that prevent them from accessing the care they need to improve their health,” said Robert Garber, a Partner at 7wireVentures. “Closing social and healthcare gaps is difficult, mission-critical work and they have a proven model that can scale to meet these needs.”

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