Zapata Computing Joins Quantum Industry Canada as Founding Member

Zapata Computing, the leading enterprise software company for quantum computing, announced this week it is a founding member of Quantum Industry Canada, a technology industry association with a mission to ensure that Canadian quantum innovation and talent is translated into Canadian business success and economic prosperity.

With a key location in Toronto and existing relationships with University of Toronto, Creative Destruction Labs, and University of Sherbrooke, Zapata already has significant presence in the Canadian quantum ecosystem.

“Serving as a founding member of QIC deepens Zapata’s presence in the quantum ecosystem and reinforces our commitment to innovation in the area. Our team hopes to push both the science and its industry application to increase Canada’s impact in quantum globally,” said Alan Aspuru-Guzik, CSO, Zapata Computing.

Zapata joins 24 other founding members, representing Canada’s most commercial-ready quantum technologies covering applications in quantum computing, quantum sensors, quantum communications and quantum-safe cryptography. Zapata is also a member of the US’ Quantum Economic Development Consortium and the only company in both organizations.

Canadian academic researchers in quantum science and technology are world-class and have outsized global impact in these fields – Canada has punched above its weight in research. Now, a global transition is underway from research to commercialization and industrial applications of quantum technology. The QIC was created to ensure that Canada remains a global leader in this new emerging industry and seizes the opportunity created by years of public investment into scientific research.

“Zapata is proud to be a founding member of QIC. Toronto is home to many of Zapata’s employees and we hope to continue making significant impact in the Canadian quantum ecosystem, in both research and industry,” said Christopher Savoie, CEO, Zapata Computing.

Members will collaborate and coordinate to communicate Canada’s quantum readiness to a global audience of technology ecosystems, talent and investors. QIC will also support Canadian quantum start-ups and mature players through access to expertise in intellectual property and go-to-market strategies. The association will work together with the provincial and federal governments to strategically support this emerging industry.

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) has identified quantum technology as a $142.4 billion opportunity that could employ 229,000 Canadians by 2040. Canada is already a leader in quantum research and development, ranked first in per capita spending with over one billion dollars invested since 2005 (ranked #1 overall in quantum computing research, #5 overall).

“The US, EU and China are aggressively funding quantum R&D and seeding technology ecosystems. Canada’s leadership in quantum is an important opportunity for Canada to position itself as the provider of advanced quantum components and solutions to emerging global technology ecosystems, grow our global market share, and return a benefit to Canadians,” said Michele Mosca, Board Co-Chair, Quantum Industry Canada.

“The use of quantum technology in healthcare, pharmaceutical research, resource management, finance, telecommunications and security will be transformative to the global economy in the coming decades. Canadian companies and governments should start thinking about their quantum strategies now. They stand to benefit from access to the technology being developed by Canada’s quantum technology companies,” added Jennifer Elliott, Co-Chair, Quantum Industry Canada.

Companies and organizations looking to leverage quantum innovation in their own business are encouraged to contact QIC for partnership and affiliate opportunities.

The consortium is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and meets on a quarterly basis.

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