YourBio Health launches nearly painless, at-home COVID-19 antibody test

YourBio Health, formerly Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc., developers of the world’s first push-button blood collection device, announced the launch of its website where UK consumers can order a convenient, easy to use, nearly painless and accurate COVID-19 antibody test.

“We’re happy to launch our COVID-19 antibody test service to UK consumers today,” said Stephen Hahn, Chief Medical Officer (Interim). “At a time when monitoring COVID-19 and immune response is top of mind, we make it easy for consumers to assess and monitor their antibody response from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. What sets our test apart is that it uses YourBio Health’s innovative device to draw blood that is both convenient and nearly painless.”

While COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective some studies have suggested not all people retain vaccine antibodies for longer than a few weeks or months – potentially leaving them unknowingly at higher risk. Your Bio Health’s COVID-19 test is the only lab-based service that can provide quantitative information about antibody levels without the need to prick fingers or have a venous sample taken. Knowing this could lead some to take more precautions about daily activity, or if available and appropriate, inquiring about a vaccine booster.

To minimize discomfort, YourBio Health’s unique device is placed on the upper arm, to draw the blood sample. Once in position, activating the device is as simple as pressing a button. Rather than using a big needle or painful fingerpick lancets, a single press sends and retracts needles thinner than an eyelash into and out of the skin. Collecting a sample is mess-free and takes only about two minutes to complete. YourBio Health’s device offers a distinct advantage to those squeamish, or with phobias of big needles. Results are delivered online to the consumer 24 hours after their sample is received at the lab, avoiding the hassle of scheduling appointments, driving to the collection center, and waiting in queue to administer the test.

“The launch of our website – – is just the first step for transforming the way blood diagnostics are delivered,” said Harry Wilcox, Executive Chairman of YourBio Health. “We’re looking forward to increasing access to our device for additional tests in the U.S. and the U.K. and making it more widely available to patients and health care facilities.”

The COVID-19 vaccine has already proven to be lifesaving and will continue to be central to the fight against COVID-19. However, by supplementing vaccine rollout efforts with antibody testing, instances where the vaccine may have reduced efficacy can be identified, monitored, and addressed. Antibody testing is central to these efforts and may help support the vaccine program to tackle new infections.

YourBio Health’s antibody test has 98.8% sensitivity and 99.98% specificity[1], making it one of the most accurate and reliable tests available on the market. The test is currently available only in the UK and costs £99.99. Anyone can order a test to their own home by visiting

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