Wefunder claims platform record for most dollars raised in one week under Reg CF

Wefunder, a top FINRA regulated funding portal, says it had a banner week as it raised more funding under Reg CF than ever before.

According to a tweet from Jonny Price, Wefunder Vice President of Fundraising, Wefunder raised just shy of $14 million in seven days. Wefunder also shares how much the competition raised during the same period.

  • Wefunder – $13,913, 516
  • Republic – $6,341,792
  • StartEngine – $2,699,184
  • Dalmore Group – $1,201,931
  • SeedInvest – $276,349

In any given 30 day period, Wefunder is frequent either 1st or 2nd in the number of new Reg CF filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The big week arrived around the same time that Wefunder announced it was rebranding “equity crowdfunding” to “community round.”

Wefunder reports over $480 million invested via its platform along with almost 2000 founders. Wefunder itself has raised over $19 million in several crowdfunding rounds.

Wefunder anticipates over $600 million in platform investments during 2022. It also expects to launch operations in Europ at some point this year.

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