Velvet launches first investment marketplace for offshore accredited investors in partnership with Templum

Targeting global high-net-worth investors and family offices, Velvet aims to facilitate transactions of up to $250 million on the platform in 2024

The partnership brings Templum’s infrastructure to enable investments by international offshore investors in category defining companies such as SpaceX, OpenAI, and Neuralink

Velvet, a company specializing in the buying and selling of equity in high-growth technology companies, has just announced the beta launch of its secondary marketplace. This initiative is in collaboration with Templum, the leading global infrastructure for private markets and alternative assets.

Through the jointly created platform, offshore investors will have the opportunity to invest in disruptive private companies such as SpaceX, OpenAI and Neuralink. The projected transaction volume for 2024 is $250 million, representing a sevenfold increase from Velvet’s 2023 transaction value. To reach this goal, Velvet will continue building partnerships with global private banks and open an office in the Middle East to cater to a growing base of investors in the region.

Velvet clients will have access to Templum One, a central operating system for private markets that simplifies access to alternative assets, making trading in otherwise illiquid assets as easy as buying public stocks. A highly secure ecosystem, the solution connects issuers, investors, custodians, transfer agents and other industry stakeholders. The goal is to make alternative assets and private securities available to a broader range of investors.

Key features of the marketplace include a curated list of detailed information on each of the wide array of available assets, such as alternative investments for its customer base, frictionless investor account maintenance through integration and support and an expedited standard purchase process, including consolidated payments and management.

“Our focus is to bring new opportunities to global offshore investors starting by giving them access to equity in truly exponential companies such as SpaceX, which, through the constellation of low orbit satellites from its subsidiary StarLink, is changing how humanity consumes data. Another example is OpenAI, which is leading the revolution in Artificial Intelligence with products like ChatGPT”, said Carlos Naupari, founder and CEO of Velvet. “In the current market recovery scenario, we aim to concentrate on technology companies that will have a long-term impact globally and consequently bring outsized returns to investors”, he adds.

Velvet aims to provide exclusive and high-potential opportunities to ultra-high-net-worth investors who already possess a diversified and sophisticated portfolio. The minimum ticket for new investments will be USD 100,000 and the investment structure will be done via Delaware based entities.

“The United States is a global leader in public markets and still the main exporter of category defining companies in cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence and space exploration,” said Christopher Pallotta, founder and CEO of Templum. “The partnership between Templum and Velvet enables offshore global investors to invest in privately held American companies through an institutional-grade trading platform designed specifically for the private markets.”

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