Vantiq: Top 5 trends impacting digital business innovation in 2022

As we welcome in 2022, Vantiq is at the forefront of several key trends that have a tremendous impact on digital innovations. As we move beyond the pandemic and businesses take more responsibility for their environmental impact and work to meet customer requirements for more personalized experiences, digitization in the enterprise is accelerating.

Companies are looking to advanced technologies like edge computing, IoT, and composable application development to improve efficiencies and unlock new revenue streams.

Further, as businesses look for new ways to connect their digital and physical environments, these same technologies are shifting from supporting early market innovation initiatives to driving true mission-critical solutions. A new breed of “business technologists” are heading this effort, imbuing new strategies and thinking into how technology can create business value.

Without question, we are on the precipice of unprecedented changes. In the coming year, companies will continue to look for ways to simplify and hasten the development of innovative solutions that transform how they operate, as described below.

Top 5 trends impacting digital business innovation in 2022:

Edge-Native Applications: As the edge becomes the focal point for data processing, the role of the cloud will shift to data storage. This evolution gives rise to a new category of “edge-native” systems and applications purpose-built to take advantage of the low latency, scalability, and real-time responsiveness made possible when processing occurs nearer to the action.

Mission-Critical Deployment of IoT: The advances in edge computing and event-driven architectures that support distributed environments are now optimizing IoT scalability and enabling the support of mission-critical IoT applications. This is a trend we believe will continue to grow in importance.

Composability: The emergence of composable architectures means users can create readily shareable modules of applications to enable mix-and-match integration without starting from scratch. This approach makes it faster to take proof-of-concept work from testing labs to real-world use cases. As a result, business value is realized in a shorter time frame.

Real-Time Sustainability: When a situation can be analyzed and responded to in real-time through automation or human-machine collaboration, organizations can respond to avoid adverse outcomes and address concerns around sustainability by optimizing energy use, utilizing fewer resources, and reducing their carbon footprint.

Rise of the Business Technologist: With these trends, a new role is appearing in the enterprise. Business technologists are closer to customers and are more aware of the necessary digital capabilities to keep them engaged.

Vantiq is the leading low-code platform for building and deploying real-time distributed solutions. Built on a next-generation event-driven architecture, we enable highly scalable and low-latency analysis of real-time streaming data from IoT devices, cameras, and enterprise systems to drive situational awareness for safety, security, and operational efficiency. Our platform is designed to easily integrate real-time data sources and simplify the development of applications that monitor assets, events, people, and environments so that companies can automate real-time responses as events occur.

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