Vantiq Fall 2021 Release

At Vantiq, our mission is to give businesses the speed and agility necessary to drive operational innovation and develop real-time business applications.

We are excited to announce the latest release of the Vantiq Platform. This release introduces a number of new capabilities designed for today’s (and tomorrow’s) real-time applications.



It is now easier than ever for developers to create, publish, and install real-time applications via assemblies. Assemblies are reusable Vantiq Projects that are configurable and customizable to each user’s individual requirements. Simply access the Vantiq Catalog to publish and install assemblies and start creating real-time applications at the speed of innovation.

Client Components

The new “Client Components” feature allows developers to create their own Widgets which are automatically added to the Client Builder palette to be easily incorporated into any application. This makes it much faster to create user interfaces and application front ends by reusing the same widgets across multiple pages within the application or across multiple applications; simply group the Widgets and the code together into a Client Component and add to any current or future applications.

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