Vantiq and Chooch partner to build edge applications that use AI to inform real-time operational response

Vantiq today announced a partnership with Chooch AI, a computer vision AI platform, to develop real-time edge applications that help companies more effectively translate machine learning into real-world operational responses.

The collaboration will use Chooch’s advanced visual detection technology and Vantiq’s low-code development environment to build real-time applications that monitor the environment and trigger appropriate responses. Chooch’s computer vision models can be rapidly trained to detect everything from fires to a fallen human to a piece of machinery in the wrong location. The joint solutions will foster improved workplace safety, environmental awareness, and operational intelligence.

Until now, one of the big challenges in computer vision has been to make sense of the flow of data and then connect it into a business workflow and operations. The Chooch-Vantiq combination will help break that logjam by turning the output of artificial intelligence models into real business outcomes.

“The work between Vantiq and Chooch will ultimately enable companies to better monitor and manage their environments,” said Marty Sprinzen, co-founder and CEO of Vantiq. “Our two companies’ unique understanding of edge technology will also help organizations take advantage of these advanced technologies to make faster and smarter decisions as they manage their connected environments.”

“We’re excited by this partnership to leverage Chooch AI’s computer vision models with Vantiq’s “composable smart spaces” solution for accelerating the adoption of visual intelligence-based applications in the workplace, buildings, and cities,” said Chooch AI CEO Emrah Gultekin.

Vantiq’s platform makes it easy for developers to integrate real-time data sources – from cameras to sensors and other edge devices – and create applications that monitor assets, events, people, and environments while reducing development cost significantly and allowing rapid enhancement in production.

These applications can then analyze and act on complex problems, such as a flood, a major traffic accident, a factory breakdown – or an employee with a 101-degree temperature entering a corporate lobby – all in real time, enabling a faster and more effective response in collaboration with human teams.

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