Utah Valley Refugees launches partnership with BanQu

On March 24th, 2022, BanQu, a for-purpose, for-profit blockchain software, launched a partnership with Utah Valley Refugees (UVR), a nonprofit assisting refugees in becoming self-reliant through financial, legal, and education aid coupled with social, cultural, and community support throughout the Utah Valley region.

Leonard Bagalwa, MBA, a former refugee and UVR’s founder and executive director, plans to leverage BanQu’s platform to track monetary and in-kind donations from donors to recipients. This increased transparency will not only increase efficiency and transparency within the organization as they scale but also grant stakeholders greater visibility into the impact of donations.

“UVR is so grateful and excited to partner with BanQu,” states Leonard. “Not only will the platform allow UVR to scale its refugee assistance programs, but it will also help educate and support refugee clients to track and control their own financial information. BanQu is not only helping us as an organization but also changing the lives of the people we serve.”

This project was greatly supported by a cohort of BYU Ballard Center students studying social impact. “Working with BanQu and UVR has been an amazing experience,” note the students. “We are confident that BanQu’s platform will add value to UVR’s organization and mission: to make Utah Valley a true home for as many refugees as possible.; And we are so grateful to have been a part of it.”

Interested in volunteering or donating to Utah Valley Refugees? Visit https://utahvalleyrefugees.org/

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