US Bitcoin Corp (USBTC) secures deal with Celsius to host 8,500 Miners at the Alpha Site

U.S. Data Mining Group, Inc. dba US Bitcoin Corp (“USBTC” or “the Company”), a leading operator of large-scale data centers for new-age workloads such as digital asset mining, is thrilled to announce that it has secured a deal with Celsius Network LLC (“Celsius”) to host an initial 8,500 miners with an estimated sticker hashrate of 820 petahash (PH) at the USBTC Alpha Site.

This significant agreement represents a robust advancement in the Bitcoin mining industry and continues the strong collaboration between USBTC, and Celsius, with support from the Fahrenheit, LLC coalition (“Fahrenheit”) which includes USBTC, Arrington Capital, Proof Group Capital Management, Steven Kokinos, and Ravi Kaza.

Asher Genoot, USBTC President, shared his thoughts on this new venture, saying, “The opportunity to manage the Celsius assets marked a defining milestone. As we drive forward in conjunction with Fahrenheit, we’re embarking on a new chapter that builds upon that success. The synergy between USBTC, Celsius, and Fahrenheit represents our commitment to redefining the mining industry. Together with Fahrenheit, we envision a future where Bitcoin mining is not just profitable but sustainable and industry-advancing.”

The Alpha Site has been selected for its environmentally-friendly energy profile and strategic geographical location, allowing for an efficient and eco-friendly mining operation. This new arrangement supplements the existing hosting agreements with companies like Teslawatt, Marathon Digital, Foundry USA, Sphere 3D, and Decimal Group. In aggregate, the Company anticipates managing a fleet of more than 310,000 bitcoin miners including miners owned by Celsius, other clients, and its own machines.

The parties are working diligently to complete the implementation of the deal and begin operations as soon as possible, reflecting a shared dedication to capitalizing on this partnership leveraging experience gained from management of its infrastructure operations (MIO) business.

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