Urbanic launches new sister brand ‘Savana’ in India at the British High Commissioner’s residence

Prominent figures from the fashion industry also attended the event, including Nancy Tyagi, Ayesha Kanga, Andrea Kevichusa, Arushi Mehra, and Sanjana Batra.

In a grand event at the esteemed residence of the British High Commissioner to India on the prestigious Raja Ji Marg, New Delhi, the London-based fashion brand Urbanic launched its latest venture, Savana.

Urbanic’s new sister company, tailored exclusively for Generation Z women, aims to redefine fashion for the discerning young woman of today. The brand promises a curated collection that effortlessly blends style, quality, and affordability, keeping a keen eye on contemporary trends.

The unveiling of Savana was marked by the presence of notable dignitaries and fashion luminaries. The official launch was conducted by James Wellwood and Rahul Dayama, the Founding Partners of Urbanic. The event was graced by Lindy Cameron, the first female British High Commissioner for India, and Anna Shotbolt, Deputy Trade Commissioner South Asia, Department for Business & Trade, who added a touch of diplomatic charm to the evening.

The launch event was a vibrant celebration, reflecting the blend of style and culture that Savana represents. Attendees were treated to exclusive previews of the Savana collection, which showcased the brand’s commitment to contemporary fashion, quality, and innovation. Prominent figures from the fashion industry also attended the event, including Nancy Tyagi, Ayesha Kanga, Andrea Kevichusa, Arushi Mehra, and Sanjana Batra.

James Wellwood, in his address to the crowd, expressed his excitement about the new brand. “We are delighted to introduce Savana by Urbanic, a brand that embodies the essence of contemporary fashion while staying true to our commitment to quality and innovation,” he stated. “With Savana, we aim to empower young women to express themselves through their style, offering them a diverse range of fashion-forward choices that resonate with their lifestyle.”

In an interview with Business Today, Rahul Dayama, Co-founder and Marketing Head of Urbanic, shared insights into the brand’s innovative approach. He revealed that the company utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to understand design trends and streamline operations. “The correct deployment of AI allows our designers to work seamlessly without worrying about inventory, orders, and other operational mechanisms,” Dayama explained. He emphasized that AI helps Urbanic designers stay ahead of market trends, ensuring that their collections remain relevant and desirable.

Addressing questions about the positioning of Savana in relation to Urbanic, Dayama clarified that Urbanic already occupies a premium category in the market. “Urbanic will continue to elevate its design strategy, but we always aim to be fairly priced,” he said. “Savana is more affordable, operating with a dynamic catalog and trend-driven approach. Urbanic will adopt a different strategy for its collection drops, focusing on meticulous design and timing.”

Urbanic’s rise in the Indian market has been significantly influenced by its reliance on influencer marketing rather than mainstream television commercials. When asked about his preference for influencers over celebrities, Dayama stated, “Influencer marketing is equivalent to celebrity marketing for us. In the past, we had only one medium to promote, but now there are hyper and local channels. Everyone looks to an influencer for certain aspirations, and this approach allows us to operate in a very diverse market. Influencer marketing has truly helped us in India.”

The launch of Savana by Urbanic marks a new chapter in the fashion brand’s journey, promising to bring fresh, innovative, and affordable fashion choices to young women across the globe. The evening at the British High Commissioner’s residence not only celebrated the birth of a new brand but also underscored Urbanic’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of contemporary fashion.

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