Tint and RVI Group partnership revolutionizes how capital is deployed for embedded protection

Unveiled at InsurTech Connect in Las Vegas, Tint, the embedded protection platform known for giving companies ownership of their protection journey, is excited to announce its partnership with RVI Group, a Group 1001 company.

This important partnership marks a milestone in how capital is deployed for unique and innovative risks.

With Tint, companies can tie relevant protection for intrinsic risks to their customers’ core purchases, embedding coverage directly in their checkout experience. The risks associated with these protection solutions can be transferred to RVI Group, enabling Tint to deliver on its vision of making insurance a feature of the buying process, rather than a product bought separately. “Tint is committed to building embedded protection programs to solve intrinsic risks,’’ said Matheus Riolfi, CEO and co-founder of Tint. “Many of our customers have expressed a desire to own their solution, without owning all the risk. That’s where RVI Group comes in.” This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone in the emerging field of embedded protection, showcasing a shared vision of making beneficial and intuitive financial products accessible to a broader range of businesses and Industries.

Micky Hervitz, Head of G1001 Innovations at Group 1001, expresses his commitment to this partnership. “Group 1001 is a financial services company seated at the intersection of capital markets and insurance that works with Insurtech companies to creatively solve some of the insurance industry’s most complex problems,’’ Hervitz said. “Tint is committed to turning risks into opportunities for growth and innovation through cutting-edge AI-powered solutions, services, and compliance expertise,” said Riolfi, “This partnership with RVI Group underscores our dedication to offering customers innovative ways to harness intrinsic risk while building unique and profitable risks for our partners and our customers.’’

Dan Egan, Co-CEO of RVI Group, pointed out that “RVI has been a leader in specialty insurance for 30 years and we are excited to continue to build out our presence in reinsurance by partnering with Tint to jointly develop embedded protection programs.” Tint is excited to expand on this groundbreaking partnership with RVI Group by building the technology needed to facilitate a wide range of relationships with technology platforms, TPAs, and other service providers. This partnership between Tint and RVI Group signifies a significant leap forward in the embedded protection industry. As Tint continues to expand its capabilities, we look forward to delivering unparalleled value to our partners and clients.

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