The OPEN Unicorn™ Index Fund now available for investment on Templum One

Templum, Inc. (“Templum”), the operating system for private markets and alternative assetsTM announced today that investors can now access the OPEN Unicorn™ Index Fund, from OpenVC, Inc. (OPEN) on Templum One, Templum’s private market and alternative asset ecosystem solution. 

Through Templum One, OPEN can access a diverse pool of investors and investors can access a market capitalization-weighted index of the top 50 private, US-domiciled, VC-backed companies. Ultimately Templum One accelerates the general adoption of alternative assets and private securities as an investment class for a broad range of investors.

The OPEN Unicorn™ Index Fund offers investors access to a basket of some of the most innovative and sought-after private companies, such as SpaceX, Stripe, Epic Games, and more. As an index-replicating fund, the structure is low fee, with only a 2% management fee and no performance fee and is more diversified than most traditional growth funds.

“We are thrilled to offer the OPEN Unicorn™ Index Fund on Templum One,” said Christopher Pallotta, Founder and CEO of Templum. “Our strength at Templum lies in our consistent ability to offer a diverse range of investment opportunities across a broad spectrum of investors. This strategy empowers issuers and significantly bolsters their capital-raising strategies, especially in the complex investment landscape we face today.”

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