TerreStar Corporation to become MidWave Wireless, Inc. to reflect expanded capabilities

Flexible-use allows MidWave to deploy its 1.4 GHz spectrum for use in a variety of services and technologies

TerreStar Corporation is pleased to announce that it has changed its name to MidWave Wireless, Inc. to more accurately reflect its status as one of the largest independent mid-band spectrum holders in the United States. MidWave (TM) holds mid-band spectrum assets that cover the United States, representing more than 3.3 billion MHz-POPs of aggregate radio frequency resource.

“It is clear that a broad range of industry innovations from IoT to private broadband to satellite-to-terrestrial networks require access to exclusive, flexible, mid-band spectrum. MidWave Wireless is excited to explore how it can use its spectrum to advance these next-generation networks or in 5G networks currently being deployed”, said John Kneuer, Chief Executive Officer of MidWave Wireless, Inc.

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