Templum announces filing of provisional patent application for Its end-to-end technology platform and top-line growth

Templum, Inc., a provider of next-generation cloud-based capital markets infrastructure for alternative assets and private securities, announced today that it had filed a provisional patent application with the United States Patent Office.

In addition, Templum is also announcing accelerated growth over the last year. The firm’s momentum reflects the market demand for its proprietary trading platform (“Platform”) as investors embrace alternative investments.

The patent application covers the Platform’s unique, comprehensive, and scalable nature. Specifically, the Platform is an end-to-end marketplace software-as-a-service solution that allows for trading in almost any asset class—including, but not limited to—fractionalized securities and limited partnership interests. The Platform integrates with third parties to support a seamless trading experience—customer onboarding, capital raising, trading, market surveillance, and settlement—from a single technology stack. Moreover, the Platform is scalable and capable of efficiently supporting marketplaces of all sizes and transaction volumes. In this context, and when paired with Templum’s broker-dealer and Alternative Trading System, Templum Markets, the Platform allows investors to participate in private securities markets with the same protections that they would receive when trading public securities.

“Investors today demand greater access to liquidity for different types of investments. Investing overall is transforming as investors increasingly adopt alternative investment instruments. We are defining this space and helping propel alternative assets even further into the mainstream with our proven technology and strong regulatory infrastructure. Templum is at the center of the ecosystem and removes the complexities historically encountered in the growing alternative asset industry,” said Christopher Pallotta, founder and CEO of Templum.

Templum’s business momentum, new scalable solutions, and support of its clients are all underpinned by its hiring strategy, with team growth of 215% over last year. Templum-powered marketplaces have seen a 1,997% increase in investors and witnessed a 3,922% increase in trading volume during the same period. Momentum and unprecedented growth will continue as existing marketplaces come online throughout 2022.

“Templum’s rapid growth is driven by our unique Platform and expertise. The Templum Platform provides fractionalization, democratization, regulation (via Templum Markets) and proprietary technology to unlock trillions of dollars in assets and create a brand-new global ecosystem. Our advances have led us to engage in opportunities such as collectibles, real estate, art, energy, agriculture, wine, autos, and much more,” said Jeffery Gangl, Chief Commercial Officer of Templum.

Templum is quickly becoming the trusted industry standard because of its robust proprietary technology, regulatory approval set, customer success, and breakneck innovation.

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