Talon Esports partners with web3 competitive ecosystem Planet Mojo

Asian esports organisation TALON Esports has announced a strategic partnership with the web3 gaming company Planet Mojo.

The collaboration will see Mojo Melee, Planet Mojo’s mobile auto chess battler, use TALON’s expertise and knowledge to develop launch strategies into new markets. In particular, the announcement highlights Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan.

TALON Esports will also conduct playtesting for Mojo Melee with its professional esports players, refining the game’s ranked matchmaking system and developing higher standards of competitive integrity for future activations.

Furthermore, the partnership will see the two entities co-develop tournaments and esports events. Exclusive events, giveaways and community challenges will also be launched to increase the game’s visibility and engagement.

This is not the first time the Asian organisation has formed a partnership with a web3 company. Earlier this year, TALON worked with the NFT MOBA game Apeiron to offer insights and guidance. Aside from companies in the web3 space, TALON also has a major strategic partnership with football club Paris-Saint Germain. Some of the organisation’s commercial partners also include Steelseries, Secretlab, Monster Energy, Peppermint Field, streetwear boutique Carnival and Chef Cares.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, TALON Esports fields teams across various game titles, including League of Legends, VALORANT, Dota 2, Arena of Valor, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG Mobile, Street Fighter, Tekken 8 and Starcraft 2.

Sean Zhang, CEO of TALON, commented on the partnership: “At TALON, we are always seeking innovative avenues to engage with our community. Partnering with Planet Mojo and venturing into Mojo Melee aligns perfectly with our vision of pushing boundaries in esports and expanding our horizons to Web3.”

Late last year, North American organisation Team Liquid secured a similar game-focused partnership with auto battler title Illuvium: Arena.

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