Swedish retailer Klarna wins record 20 million U.S. customers

Swedish retail service company Klarna has doubled its US customer base since June 2020, reaching a record 20 million customers.

According to App Anie, the company’s growth is also highlighted by the accelerating momentum of the Klarna app. The app maintains 4 million monthly active US users, with 20% more daily downloads than its closest competitor.

Klarna’s more transparent, convenient, and consumer-friendly payment options give shoppers control as they move away from interest- and fee-based revolving credit lines. Located at the crossroads of banking and retail, Klarna appeals to budget-conscious consumers seeking flexible payment solutions and user-friendly, interactive capabilities, the company said in a media statement.

The Klarna app is an all-in-one shopping platform that allows consumers to find new brands and shop in-store as well as in major retail brands, with features such as shared and shoppable collections, exclusive deals and price cut notifications. Is equipped with. , Free rewards program, and convenience to try before purchase. All have the option of paying overtime with no interest or fees.

With Klarna’s free personalized rewards club Vibe, consumers who purchase through the Klarna app can earn redeemable Vibe dollars. The program has grown to over 1.8 million members since its inception in June 2020. To date, Vibe members have charged approximately $ 2.8 million in gift cards that can be used at their favorite stores such as Amazon, Sephora, H & M, and Target. The collection remains one of the most popular features of the Klarna app, and US users have added over 8 million items to their collection so far.

“The rapid growth of Klarna’s customers in the United States speaks to consumers’ demand for flexible payment options and a more seamless and convenient shopping experience. With the Klarna app, users browse and buy through different channels. And you can discover new products and brands while shopping both in-store and online with interest-free payment options. Over the next year, we will continue to expand our US merchant base and acquire customers. “We will continue to expand our engagement opportunities,” said David Sykes, Head of North America at Klarna.

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