SoftLedger integrates Lukka enterprise data to support high volume data businesses

SoftLedger, a cloud-native financial management systems, and Lukka proudly announce a combined product offering, focused on enterprise businesses with crypto on balance sheet.

Lukka, the leading global blockchain data provider supporting businesses in over 50 countries, now power’s SoftLedger’s leading SaaS accounting software. This collaboration augments SoftLedger’s on-chain and off-chain connectivity in order to support large data transaction volume businesses with SoftLedger’s existing trusted accounting features.

Ben Taylor, CEO of SoftLedger, highlighted the partnership’s significance, stating, “Collaborating with Lukka not only enhances our capability to provide comprehensive financial management solutions but also aligns with our vision to facilitate seamless integration of crypto assets into global financial reporting. This partnership enables SoftLedger to offer unmatched financial reporting flexibility, ensuring our clients can operate confidently and efficiently, wherever their business may take them.”

“We are excited to offer our advanced data infrastructure to SoftLedger, which offers businesses mature accounting software for both traditional and crypto assets. Our continuous commitment to providing businesses with accurate, transparent, and auditable data is shared with Ben and the SoftLedger team – we are thrilled to release this joint offering with them as businesses with digital assets gain incredible momentum”, said Robert Materazzi, CEO of Lukka.

This combined capability, along with Lukka’s Enterprise Data Infrastructure, provides a one-of-a-kind solution for businesses that have increased complexity within their balance sheets due to the unique nature of crypto assets and blockchain data. This cooperation empowers SoftLedger’s clients with extensive, global, multi-asset accounting capabilities, enabling seamless support across diverse geographic and regulatory landscapes. As an optimal solution for both crypto assets-centric businesses and traditional enterprises venturing into crypto assets, this collaboration harmonizes crypto assets and traditional financial data on a unified accounting platform.

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