Slice partners with ZEBEDEE to let anyone earn Bitcoin simply by browsing the web

The ad-tech innovator and fast-growing FinTech platform have joined forces to help generate passive income in the form of Bitcoin just by browsing the web.

Slice, an innovative startup in the AdTech space and ZEBEDEE, a leading FinTech and next-generation payment processor for the gaming industry, today announced the launch of an integration that lets anyone earn Bitcoin simply by browsing the web, with the help of Slice’s browser extension.

While passive income is usually anything other than truly passive, requiring lots of work to get anything in return, Slice is a legitimate and sustainable way for anyone to earn a bit of cash just by browsing the web as they normally would. It is a browser extension you add to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge or Brave, enabling users to start receiving points, called Slices, in exchange for seeing ads that show up while browsing the web. Users can then cash out Slices for actual money, in this case in the form of Bitcoin sent directly to their ZEBEDEE account.

Because Slice has built this functionality using ZEBEDEE’s extremely efficient payments technology, which sits on top of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, users receive their rewards instantly and with no fees. Compare that to legacy systems like PayPal where payouts can take days and carry substantial fees, and it’s easy to see why the integration of Slice with ZEBEDEE creates a passive income experience fit for the modern age.

“Today, people surfing the web are right to have high standards for receiving value in exchange for their attention, and to claim that value in the form of real money, delivered to them instantly,” said Darina Oumanski, Co-founder and COO at Slice. “ZEBEDEE is a perfect match for Slice regarding the actual last-mile execution. It works no matter where you’re from and what local currency you use. Their platform made implementing this functionality extremely easy, and the fact that it runs on Bitcoin makes it instantly accessible worldwide.”

“We’re happy to work with the Slice team to bring their innovative idea to life,” said Andre Neves, Co-Founder and CTO of ZEBEDEE. “ZEBEDEE is best known as a payments platform for games, but our tech is built to handle so much more than that. Any digital experience that wants to integrate natural, simple and instant payments is a perfect fit for ZEBEDEE, making Slice a great and interesting partner. A few years ago, this would have been hard to build, but not any more!”

To earn passive income while browsing, get Slice in your browser. And don’t forget to get the ZEBEDEE app as well, to get the full benefit of the integration as well as find games that let you earn Bitcoin as you play.

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