Skyryse achieves AS9100D certification reinforcing commitment to “Safety for All” at its facility and in the sky

Skyryse, bringing trust, safety, and the accessibility of flight through a highly-automated and touchscreen flight control system, has achieved AS9100D certification for all three of its LA-Area locations.

The three locations achieving certification include the company’s headquarters and research and development site in El Segundo, CA., as well as its flight test and performance facility north of Los Angeles. This certification is a vital step for aerospace manufacturers to ensure that companies produce high-quality products at competitive costs with consistent standards.

AS9100D certification demonstrates that Skyryse has implemented a quality management system that complies with the rigorous requirements of the aerospace industry design, development, and manufacturing. This certification is internationally recognized throughout the aerospace community and validates Skyryse’s commitment to quality and excellence.

“Achieving AS9100D certification is a significant milestone for Skyryse, validating our commitment to producing high-quality, general aviation hardware and software and delivering revolutionary flight safety through exceptional quality and service,” said Dr. Mark Groden, founder and CEO of Skyryse. “This certification is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication. We are committed to meeting the highest standards in everything we do, and our AS9100D certification is a critical step in providing safe flight for all.”

AS9100D certification covers a wide range of requirements, including product design, development, production, and servicing. It also includes risk management, supply chain management, and continuous improvement requirements. With this certification, Skyryse can offer its customers even greater assurance of the quality and reliability of its products and services.

FlightOS is a highly-automated flight control system and universal flight deck bringing commercial-level safety to general aviation. Its intuitive, easy-to-use controls remove the complexity of learning to fly-making piloting any aircraft simple, sensible, and safe. The system provides situational awareness and real-time feedback on flight performance and automates key flight functions, including takeoff, landing, and obstacle avoidance. The result is a safer and more efficient flying experience, even in challenging weather conditions or complex airspace.

The certification also positions Skyryse to expand its presence in the aerospace industry and continue to deliver exceptional products and services to its customers.

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