Sarcos Defense announces U.S. Government orders of Guardian® HLS Heavy-Lift System

Battery-powered pneumatic Guardian® HLS Heavy-Lift System ordered by several U.S. government agencies to aid in recovery, rescue, and field service missions which require rapid lifting of heavy objects

Sarcos Defense, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sarcos Robotics (“Sarcos”), a leader in the development of robots that augment humans to enhance productivity and safety, today announced that several U.S. government agencies have purchased the Guardian® HLS Heavy-Lift System. The Guardian HLS system, designed in collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), is a first-of-its-kind, easily packable, pneumatic heavy-lift system designed to quickly and efficiently lift objects weighing up to 45,000 pounds for asset recovery and emergency response missions in the field.

The Guardian HLS system is comprised of a single battery-powered pneumatic compressor combined with two proprietary, reusable airbags made from Dyneema® fiber. This design enables the safe and stable lift of heavy and bulky military assets, such as tactical land vehicles, machinery, and fuel tanks, where the speed, timing, and accuracy of operations are crucial. This rapid-deploy system can lift a Class 2 commercial vehicle in less than one minute and can be operated by a single person. The system is faster, lighter, and more stable than other alternatives on the market and eliminates the need to carry high-pressure air canisters. It also supports a lift capacity that is significantly greater than other solutions.

“These new contracts with the U.S. government for the Guardian HLS Heavy-Lift System are a great validation of the technology and proof point of Sarcos’ continued success and relationships in this sector,” said Tom Jackson, President, Sarcos Defense. “We are proud to support our government customers with a variety of solutions that address their specific needs.”

The Guardian HLS system is available for purchase by governmental, defense, and public safety organizations. For more information on Sarcos Defense and the Guardian HLS lift, please visit or

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