Sarcos-Built Exoskeleton Wins Tech Competition

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences selected an exoskeleton suit from Sarcos Robotics as the winner of the nonprofit consortium’s 2020 Commercial Technologies for Maintenance Activities Technology Competition.

Jim Miller, chief operating officer of Sarcos’ defense arm, wrote in a blog post the company won $50K through the NCMS-sponsored contest for its Guardian XO wearable robot and will participate in a one-year project to demonstrate the technology to the Department of Defense.

Jim Miller, COO of Sarcos Defense

The Salt Lake City-based robotic systems maker aims to demonstrate the potential of its technology to help military personnel lift, transport or displace objects that weigh up to 200 pounds in both structured and unstructured environments.

NCMS’ CTMA event serves as part of the consortium’s efforts to support the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Material Readiness in commercial technology sponsorship initiatives.

Sarcos previously secured contracts to supply exoskeleton robots and related systems to U.S. Special Operations Command as well as the Navy, Marine Corps and the Air Force.

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