SameSky Health launches CultureGuide, the health equity-focused consumer engagement experience

A new solution for health plans seeking to deliver individualized healthcare journeys for their Medicaid members in underserved communities

Today, SameSky Health Inc. announced the launch of CultureGuide™, a culturally intelligent engagement solution that empowers health plans to better connect members to the services and care they need, no matter who they are.

Results from the 2020 Census indicate that America is changing and will become a majority-minority country by 2045, and the healthcare system is not keeping up with the shift. In addition, Medicaid members are not engaged in their health; many don’t know why or how to access preventative care, such as annual wellness visits. Others have social and behavioral barriers that prevent them from doing the health-related tasks they know they need to do. This results in poor health outcomes for members and higher costs for health plans.

CultureGuide individualizes the Medicaid member experience by applying community and cultural detailing to better understand behavioral and clinical needs, and harnesses cultural and social insights. This fosters stronger connections, leading to an elevated, personalized member experience and improved trust between members and their health plans.

As an early adopter of CultureGuide, Rudy Bozas, Director, Community Relations and Marketing at Tufts Health Plan, a Point32Health company, is already seeing a significant impact on engagement with their members.

“We’re taking a holistic approach to engaging our members and the results are taking shape. If you understand your members and the communities they live in, you can identify, and address known disparities such as lack of access to care and other important factors.”
Rudy Bozas, director, community relations and marketing, Tufts Health Plan

As a result of understanding these traditionally underserved members, CultureGuide provides meaningful and relevant member engagement with an added human touch, connecting members with Community Health Guides who share their cultural backgrounds and awareness. Through this process, CultureGuide collects engagement signals from members (how they feel, what they need, and how to engage them best), and applies behavioral insights to prompt them to take action, closing gaps in care.

“A one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare doesn’t work,” says Abner Mason, founder and CEO of SameSky Health. “People deserve to be treated like individuals. Who people are truly matters, especially when it comes to healthcare. CultureGuide creates a unique, individualized journey that dynamically considers not only members’ current challenges, but how those challenges may evolve over the course of the year.”

From analytics and insight, through guided journeys and empowerment, to closing gaps in care, and achieving health equity, CultureGuide is uncovering previously unidentified situations and addressing the unique needs of individuals.

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