Safr and Cambridge Mobile Telematics announce strategic partnership to improve road safety

Telematics-based feedback for drivers will make riders even more confident in rideshare experience

Safr, the ridesharing and non-emergency medical transportation innovator, and Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT), the global leader in smartphone telematics, have announced a strategic partnership to jointly improve driver and passenger safety through CMT’s market-leading DriveWell platform.

DriveWell, which is used in more than 65 telematics-based programs in 28 countries worldwide, uses smartphone sensors to measure risky driving behaviors like speeding, hard braking, sharp turns, sudden acceleration, or phone distraction. It’s award-winning technology scores each trip and provides drivers instant feedback with rewards to incentivize good driving and tips to improve risky behavior.

With more than 6.5 million users on the DriveWell platform, CMT’s mission is to create smarter drivers and safer roads. That mission aligns perfectly with Safr, the ridesharing company built for women and families that haven’t had a consistent positive experience with other ridesharing apps. This partnership will allow Safr to empower drivers and riders by providing accurate driving data to improve choice, and to incentivize drivers to consistently improve.

“We’re excited to partner with CMT, the market leader in smartphone telematics, as they’re consistent efforts to improve road safety mirror our own,” said Sal Khokhar, Safr’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We want riders to feel safe in every aspect of their ride, and we want drivers to feel supported and valued while they’re driving for Safr.

CMT’s analysis of billions of miles traveled by millions of drivers worldwide indicates that distracted driving feedback and user engagement can be impactful, with the top 30% of drivers on their platform reducing their phone distraction by 39% after 30 days, speeding by 30%, and hard braking by 51%.

“Safr’s fresh take on ridesharing that focuses on safety fits perfectly with CMT’s mission to create smarter drivers and safer roads,” said Ben Bowne, VP of Global Sales & Partnerships. “Giving drivers fast feedback on how to improve their risky driving through the DriveWell platform and rewarding drivers that improve will create an even better experience for Safr’s discerning customers.”

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