Rize partners with Pinwheel to provide customers with faster payroll data via a single API

Rize, a fintech-as-a-service provider, announces a partnership with Pinwheel, the market-leading income and payroll connectivity API provider, to allow Rize’s customers to securely switch direct deposits, access income and employment data, and more.

Rize has integrated Pinwheel’s API directly into its platform, making it readily available to current and future Rize customers.

Pinwheel’s APIs will complement the suite of financial services already available on Rize’s platform including: checking accounts, transaction deposits and a high yield savings Target Yield Account. Both companies offer their clients a simple and accessible route to embedding financial solutions via a single API.

“We’re proud to work with Pinwheel to unlock a new way for customers to seamlessly leverage income and payroll data. We believe this will drive new and exciting use cases in the embedded finance ecosystem.” said CEO and Co-Founder of Rize, Justin Howell.

Rize and Pinwheel are excited to explore how their products can work together to solve for new use cases with Pinwheel’s coverage of over 1,500 platforms, ranging from traditional payroll providers for the Top 100 employers across the nation to unemployment benefits and gig or creator platforms. Uniquely, Pinwheel is not limited to salaried paychecks, but also individual hourly clock-ins.

Additionally, Pinwheel’s API’s can be used to speed up lending decisions, improve underwriting models and enable earned wage access to client end users. Rize and Pinwheel’s combined product offering enables both companies to unlock a new set of customers and solve for an expanded list of scenarios.

“At Pinwheel, we believe that providing a one-to-many solution will be critical to ensuring our customers have the best and most streamlined API experience,” said Kurtis Lin, co-founder, and CEO of Pinwheel. “Our industry-leading coverage of over 1,500 payroll platforms coupled with Rize’s unique approach to embedded finance will give our customers an unprecedented level of product innovation.”

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