Rize is excited to announce our partnership with TrueNorth

We’re excited to announce our partnership with TrueNorth, a global fintech software development company.

This referral-based partnership provides our customers a seamless implementation path by leveraging TrueNorth’s fintech expertise with more than 120 senior software engineers.

This will enable both our technical and non-technical customers the ability to go to market quickly, without the delays associated with adding engineering resources to their staff.

Rize customers are now able to access a development team in days, build a ready-to-launch product in weeks through Rize’s single, streamlined API, and get to market first, all without sacrificing functionality or compliance.

Our mission at Rize is to help any company efficiently build, launch, and scale new financial products tailored to their customers. We are thrilled to begin partnering with TrueNorth who has demonstrated their pioneering fintech proficiency by having built three fintech unicorns from scratch — Upgrade, Lending Club, and Dianrong. TrueNorth has a proven process and fintech engineering expertise to build on modern tech stacks, resulting in greater product flexibility without the limits of outdated, siloed technology.

Paired with our proprietary Synthetic Core technology, we can work together to help our clients get to product parity with other financial platforms at a fraction of the time, effort and cost.

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