RiverMeadow helps Mitel transition workloads into Google Cloud

Leader in business communications technology, Mitel, recently announced its work with RiverMeadow Software, a Cloud Migration Services and Premier partner of Google Cloud.

The partnership allowed Mitel to move 1,000 workloads into the Google Cloud environment within less than 90 days.

Currently, Mitel stands as a global leader in business communications, responsible for supporting 70 million business users across over 100 countries with UCaaS needs. Mitel powers over two billion business connectors and has 30 data centres across the globe to help maintain an excellent quality of service. Recently, the Mitel brand decided to move its workloads out of the on-premises environment, and into the cloud to leverage automation, standardisation, and consolidation benefits.

To make the transition, Mitel chose to work with RiverMeadow, a dedicated cloud migration company committed to reducing the cost, time, and risk of moving cloud and virtual workloads.

Making the Transition into Google Cloud

RiverMeadow handled the discovery, assessment, and overall migration of the VMware workloads managed by Mitel into the Google Cloud VMWare environment. An initial set of 1,000 virtual machines were chosen to migrate, including 770GB of memory, and around 160 terabytes of usable storage. At peak, CEO and President of RiverMeadow, Jim Jordan said migrations at peak ran at around 200 VMs per week – showcasing RiverMeadow’s incredible performance skills.

The support delivered by RiverMeadow was fantastic, according to Rick Cirigliano, and thanks to the company’s extensive knowledge of the Google Cloud environment, the business was able to move their global migration speed to the next level. The timeline shrunk from 9 months to less than 6 months without any core business disruption.

Since the migration completed, Mitel has experienced a massive improvement in various areas of the business. The VMWare migration to Google Cloud delivered faster time to market to support higher revenues. Additionally, Rick noted that the company can also scale to support more work and have increased completed work units monthly by around four times. This is all thanks to the operational leverage and advantages offered by the Google Cloud landscape.

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